Almost 7 km of walking and cycling trails provide not only access to the varied habitats to explore and vistas to enjoy, but also serve to link existing trails from Darlington Provincial Park and the Second Marsh Wildlife Area. Trails within the Reserve are also linked to a strategic network of walkways which make up the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail. The Waterfront Trail (spearheaded by Waterfront Regeneration Trust) will eventually link all of the waterfront communities from Niagara to Gananoque.

The Beaton Path
hard surface; 832 m
Dogwood Trail
hard surface; 490 m

Darlington Trail
gravel roadway; 306 m

Marshland Trail
mown grass/woodchips; 1710 m
Bayside Trail
mown grass; 295 m
Shoreline Trail
grass/gravel/sand; 1000 m
Oshawa Trail
mown grass 915 m
Flank Trail
mown grass; 915 m
Woodland Trail
mown grass; 307 m
Cool Hollow Trail
gravel; 635m
Ghost Road Bush
woodland/boardwalk; 1340 m
Entry Point
GM Headquarters
Picnic Area
Viewing Platform

Trail User Code

For the protection of wildlife and habitat and enjoyment by others using the trails, the following ethics and code of conduct must be observed.

No dogs allowed (except certified guide dogs)
No alcoholic beverages
No firearms
No motorized vehicles
No fires or camping
No excessive noise
No littering

Abuses can be reported to General Motors' Security Provider (905) 644-7091. Serious offenses should be reported to Durham Regional Police.

General Motors of Canada Limited is a proud sponsor of the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve
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